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Audio Cassettes Abhorrent Dimensions #144982

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These are high quality imported cassettes having full body prints of the monumental artwork by Erskine Designs on both the sides on black cassette shells which look outstanding. This edition is strictly limited to 100 numbers and each of the cassettes come with hand-numbered cards and download codes.

Finnish death metal band Sepulchral Curse have been expanding upon their sound since their inception, adding more influences to make it more rich and diverse, and it's on this release, their second full length, that they've finally come into their own. They can boast now more than ever before of having a powerful and identifiable sound that they can call their own, one that is honed to perfection and bears myriad elements without sounding disparate. The music is more intricate and complex than ever before but sounds remarkably robust and coherent despite it all, and is held together by the thick and impossibly deep roars of the vocalist. Without betraying the imperious sound, each song exhibits various shades of emotion, even reveals glimpses of well-ensconced melodies, and weaves together an engrossing tale of their own. They've crafted a stunningly nuanced album for music this crushing and domineering, and are sure to make a mark for themselves with this release.

For fans of: Serpent of Old, Incantation, Corpsessed, Ulthar, Gorephilia, Aenigmatum, Sulphur Aeon

Line up -
Kari Kankaanpää - Vocals
Jaakko Rïïhimäki - Guitar
Aleksi Luukka - Guitar
Niilas Nissilä - Bass & Backing Vocals
Johannes Rantala - Drums

Artwork by Erskine Designs

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