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Boxsets Divinihility Wooden LP Box Set (Merge #2) #92116

Divinihility Wooden LP Box Set (Merge #2) See Larger Images and Variations
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Release Date: October 15, 2020

For the first time ever, we're opting for a solid wooden box for our releases starting with this one. It's legit pine wood and bigger and obviously stronger than any of our previous LP box sets. This package includes the following items -

► Wooden box with logo engraving
► Gatefold LP with silver embossing and UV lamination
► Autographed card
► Large album artwork flag
► Transparent logo sticker

ATRÆ BILIS from Canada are ingesting the best elements of all the styles of death metal and spewing forth an amalgam that turns the genre inside out. There is no template for their kind of music. It's wildly unpredictable but remains coherent and catchy despite it all. It has traces of technical death, brutal death, dark death and even dissonant death, with a tinge of melody and atmosphere to top things off. This is an intense shapeshifter of an album that remains engrossing from start to finish, without losing the core sound and aesthetics. The album feels like an exercise in what's great about the genre without adhering to a particular style for too long and thereby sidestepping its trappings too. 'Divinihility' will mark a new chapter in engaging, furious, forward-thinking death metal that sets the tone for other similar-minded bands on the label such as DEPRAVITY, CUTTERRED FLESH, REPLICANT and more. 

Line up -
Brendan Campbell - Bass
Jordan Berglund - Vocals
Luka Govednik - Drums
David Stepanavicius - Guitars

Artwork by Adam Burke (IMPERIALIST, LURK)

Recorded and engineered by Matt Roach and Jesse Dean at Rain City Recorders

Produced by ATRÆ BILIS and Matt Roach

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