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12" Unending Futility Merge #2 #91379

Unending Futility Merge #2 See Larger Images and Variations
Merge #2
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Release Date: July 15, 2020

We've taken extra effort to ensure that the LIVE BURIAL LPs look great and with all three colour variants matching the colours of their gorgeous album artwork. Each of them are limited to just 75 nos. and the same colours won't be repressed. Please select your choice of colour variant from the dropdown menu when placing your order. It comes in a gatefold sleeve with embossing on the logos and special UV lamination done on parts of the artwork, with a metallic effect to the entire thing to boot. Don't miss out on this beauty!

P.S. This Is The Merge #2 LP Variant.

Death metal band from the UK LIVE BURIAL emerge with an astounding album that melds the best elements of classic death metal from all over. There's this undeniable rugged and scathing quality that is contrasted with the dark, brooding and often twisted structures. Painful vocals soar over rumbling, heaving parts that hearken back to the days of early DEATH, MORGOTH, ASPHYX and even FLESHCRAWL. There are emotive strains shimmering in a desolate, forsaken landscape. LIVE BURIAL make it all work and it comes through effortlessly. They are forging a powerful sound that will echo through the ancient corridors of this style. 'Unending Futility' is an accomplished album that will hold appeal to any fan of well-written death metal and must not be missed.

Line up -
Jamie Brown - Vocals
Rob Hindmarsh - Guitars
Richard Codling - Guitars
Lee Anderson - Bass
Matthew Henderson - Drums

Guest vocals on Cemetery Fog by Kari Kankanpaa (SEPULCHRAL CURSE, SOLOTHUS)
Acoustic guitar on Winds of Solace by Dan Rochester (VACIVUS, CRUCIAMENTUM)

Artwork by Luke Oram (SLUGDGE)
Layout by Francesco Gemelli (TOWARDS ATLANTIS LIGHTS)

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