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Release Date: August 25, 2023

These are high quality 8-panel digipak CDs with excellent full colour printing and moreover have a beautiful metallic effect throughout in addition to gloss raised UV lamination done on parts of the gorgeous Adam Burke artwork. This is the first press of the CD which is limited and hand-numbered to 500 copies. Each CD comes with a download code and a transparent logo sticker.

Counterbalancing technical death metal with brutal death elements, Orphalis may have found the perfect stylistic balance for the kind of music they are playing on their fourth full length which is astonishingly fluid given its dynamic and multifaceted nature. Their structuring is intuitive and yet unpredictable which keeps things both engaging and exciting. Moreover, with their knack of providing standout parts in each of the songs when you least expect it, it's impossible not to remain awestruck. In addition to the myriad music patterns that are equally matched by phenomenally diverse vocals, they are able to inject melodic bits and even searing solos into the music for added emphasis, all of which only enhances the auditory experience each time. 'As The Ashes Settle' is a beautifully tempered, vibrant and energetic album that is bound to leave an indelible mark in the style.

For fans of: Psycroptic, Benighted, Cutterred Flesh, Aborted, Monument of Misanthropy, Enragement

Line up -
Thomas Szczecina - Vocals
Jens Dürholt - Guitars and Backing Vocals
Morten Formeseyn - Guitars
Thomas Köhler - Bass
Phillip Hatcher - Drums

Artwork by Adam Burke

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