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Release Date: May 5, 2017

US band DRUG HONKEY have always been a step ahead of their peers, if there were any in the first place. Their brand of death/doom is something nightmarish, vaguely psychedelic and exudes a post-apocalyptic quality too. They've taken the vision of GODFLESH and added their own twist to it, making it darker, surreal and morbid. And yet there's a strangely reassuring quality to their atmospheric music. There's a form of tenacity in their music of the same kind that will have you crawl ahead in life despite all its inherent ugliness pinning you down. They are taking things to a different level, with guest contributions from the legend himself, Justin K. Broadrick (GODFLESH, JESU) and Bruce Lamont (YAKUZA, CORRECTIONS HOUSE) with his saxophone eeriness, and having the hand-painted artwork of Paolo Girardi (INQUISITION, CHTHE'ILIST) represent the pulsating sickness of this ambitious and unconventional release.

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