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Release Date: November 29, 2019

From Croatia, BEDNJA are on to something special. Eschewing the stale black metal template, they have taken elements from other genres such as hardcore to concoct an electrifying blend that harnesses the best qualities of each, topped off with an atmospheric touch. The result is not only largely unpredictable but also energetic, with soothing passages interspersing the violently rampaging parts. One word description for BEDNJA's music would be fascinating but that would hardly sum up the music that is contained on their debut full length. It's an album that you will keep coming back to for more, simply because it's unparalleled in its expression and the way it's stringed together without seeming contrived. Rarely has this blend of black metal and hardcore made this much sense, embracing the atmospheric and spontaneous side of things while being at it too.

Line up -
Petar Babić - Drums
Ivan Milković - Bass and vocals
Nikola Šarkanji - Guitar and vocals

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