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Release Date: August 23, 2019

Get the excellent CD edition of this release that comes in an expansive 8-panel digipak with continuous artwork and with a huge 12-page booklet to boot. ALL PRE-ORDERS COME WITH A FREE ALBUM ARTWORK BADGE which will be discontinued once the release date comes up.

Spanish death metal band ETERNAL STORM have created a mesmerizing album full of elegant riffs and soul-piercing melodies. After releasing a very well received EP and a split release, they've come up with their debut full length which sets new standards for bands playing in this style. Everything is immaculately executed, right from the artwork to the production, ensuring that their much awaited release doesn't leave anything to be desired. The music is breathtaking and takes influences from several styles to create a sound that is at once emotive and striking. Most bands lean excessively towards either side but ETERNAL STORM exemplify the perfect balance of melody and heaviness in death metal music. Nothing on the album is forced but flows naturally, almost intuitively, and transports you to a tumultuous place where you take in the beauty as well as the wrath - a place akin to the one featured on the album cover.

Line up -
Mateo Novati - Drums, additional vocals (growls)
Daniel Maganto - Guitars, additional vocals (growls), keyboard composition
Kheryon - Bass, lead vocals
Jaime Torres - Guitars, additional vocals (clean/growls), keyboard composition

Guest appearances -
Javier Fernández (NEXUSSEIS, THE HERETIC) - Keyboards, synthesizers & programming
Migueloud Ontivero (WORMED) - Additional vocals (The Strand)
Christopher Baque-Wildman (DEJADEATH, ASGAROTH) | Additional vocals (Immersion)
Manuel Mendoza (DISTRYTO 13, LA BANDA DEL SOPLO) - Saxophone (Immersion)
Ben C. Read (IN DREAD RESPONSE, BRIDGE BURNER, ex-ULCERATE) - Additional vocals (Detachment)
Fredrik Huldtgren (CANOPY, KAOS VORTEX) - Additional vocals (The Scarlet Lake)
Fiar (FOSCOR) - Additional vocals (Embracing Waves)

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