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12" Protosapien #91371

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Crystal Clear
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Release Date: October 11, 2020

The Jupiterian Protosapien LPs come in a sturdy gatefold packaging with metallic effect all over and moreover, it will have a unique sandalwood fragrance on the packaging akin to the traditional incense sticks. There will be UV lamination and embossing done in parts too. There are three different colour variants and they're limited to 125 (Crystal), 125 (Merge #1) and 150 (Merge #2) numbers, not to be repressed.

Jupiterian are back after releasing their groundbreaking album Terraforming which was akin to the sound of tectonic plates shifting. In the aftermath of that event, a new revelation has been unearthed - their magnum opus 'Protosapien'. It slices through the ominous atmospheric murk of the band's previous effort and in an almost primitive yet strangely evolved manner, goes for the jugular. Jupiterian rise as a mythical creature, imbibing everything that transpired and distilling it all to create something highly potent, dense and sonically immeasurable. This is the sound of titans. Jupiterian have created a form of harrowing, otherworldly sludge/doom metal that lumbers on erratically, carving their own path, trampling on anything that dares stand in their way. There is little left to do other than cower in fear. Bow down before your new overlords. 

Line up -
G - Drums
R - Bass
A - Guitar
V - Guitars, Vocals and Synths

Artwork by Mariusz Lewandowski (Eremit, Bell Witch)

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