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Cutterred Flesh have evolved to play what’s beginning to resemble a progressive form of brutal death metal. Without reducing the wholesome girth, they are able to pull off amazing feats that will stop the listener in his tracks and have him mentally slot them in a higher category than what he had originally pegged them at. While not as slick as some of their contemporaries skittishly moving about with hardly any impact, Cutterred Flesh’s music carries real weight and boasts of similar diversity if not more and is littered with unpredictable parts. Each of the songs on their sixth full length have a special thing going on and close listens only reveal the intricate structuring and even traces of emotive facets. It’s rare to come across a brutal death metal album that scratches the bludgeoning heaviness itch and also leaves a lasting impact that’s not purely external. Cutterred Flesh have clearly mastered their craft at this stage and come up with an album that is unfathomably heavy yet versatile and engaging which easily stands out from the one-dimensional ones languishing in the narrow confines of the brutal death metal realm.

For fans of: Benighted, Aborted, Cattle Decapitation, Monument of Misanthropy, Devourment, Enragement

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