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Swelling Repulsion have crafted their own style of death metal imbibing elements of various styles within the genre and giving it a refreshing expression. It's technical, progressive, even psychedelic and dissonant in parts and the way they've put it together is not only remarkably coherent, but also extremely catchy. This is busy, indulgent death metal music that is fun to listen to for a change and isn't as self-absorbed to come off as sounding too mechanical, premeditated or detached. There's an intuitive flow to the songs which do enough to maintain interest while always sustaining that undercurrent of groove that keeps things upbeat and enjoyable. It's an album the listener would want to willingly bury himself in and slowly unspool the intricate layers of riffing that have him cocooned in. 'Fatally Misguided' is a sprightly, delectable release with a quality of its own and it's one that compels the listener to revisit over and over without causing fatigue. This is one of those quirky hidden gems from the death metal underground that side-steps all trends and waves and simply oozes raw appeal.

For fans of - Afflicted, early Adramelech, Defect Designer, ├ćnigmatum, Disharmonic Orchestra, StarGazer, Atvm

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